V I V I A N   F L Y N N
A B O U T   A R T I S T

                                            Aircraft Shadows

The mask 
falls at the same rate as its flying double.  Metallic molecules charged with energy return to their terrestrial origin, celebrating the aircraft's borrowing again and again.  An emotional charge is palpable as this elastic apparition caresses and enlivens the territories it traverses.
 I continue to share a journey that began in 1975. At that time I was living in the San Fernando Valley under the flight path of Van Nuys Airport.  My two acre property and house were repeatedly strafed by this environmental stimuli.  I made numerous failed attempts to photograph these events.  Their scale and speeds defied documentation.  My next resort is to go to the Van Nuys Airport and capture a full scale Cessna 150 shadow.......

  (exerpt  LAICA Journal 1979)

'At hight noon, Vivian Flynn--another erstwhile painter--parks a Cessna, or a Learjet atop a sheet of stretched polyethylene.  Outlines its shadow in chalk and cuts out the shape.  The new-made "shadow" can then be folded tucked under the arm, as it were, and transported for relocation at will on rooftops, backyards, swimming pools, (filled or empty). Recently, working from this initial impulse, the artist prepared a permanent work which bears the imprint of its ephemeral model.  A space was cleared in Elysian Park in the shape of the SST Concorde supersonic airliner and planted with young trees on a sloping landfill directly opposite the open end of the Dodger Stadium horseshoe. The shadow will fill out and darken as the pine trees grow.  It will be seen by millions, halted in its graceful flight towards the north and the east. The Concorde, long banned, will finally have arrived in Los Angeles, its massive power converted ironically into a blessedly silent contribution to our ecology.  Will the millions of future Dodger fans identify this work as art?  Who knows?  Yet it shares with others arising  from this impulse its exposure to a potentially massive audience.  Consciously, or not many of these artists have skirted round the narrow edges of the contemporary art audience and find themselves addressing quite different publics in the different languages of their art.
'-- Peter Clothier

                                                                 Van Nuys Airport 1975:  Lear jet shadow capture

 My work continues to explore and stage certain technological stimuli  known as Airplane shadows in our environment.

2012 LA River performance : "American Jet Hustler" 1/4 scale model airplane shadow w/ man interference.


O P E N  C I T Y

'In 1979  Vivian Flynn embarked on a project titled A Natural Extension--planting hundreds of Canary Island Pine seedlings in an area measuring eighty-five feet by two hundred four feet, following the contours of the shadow cast by the SST Concord. Vivian Flynn contends that the air-plane shadow is "not out of place anywhere"
--it has become a natural extension of the modern experience.There is a certain poetics of displacement in Flynn's work. The airplane's shadow indexes the exponential speed that is the mark of our century, and yet it also represents the jet-lag that is the ponderous growth of a natural world.  The reach for the heavens of these  flying canary Island pines evoke our Platonic dreams--  A song of flight and release, liberating us from our terrestrially bound condition.  The technological and the natural conflate--a world(as constructed) and earth (as presented)--a Natural Extension tests the viability of the open space between these conflicted terms as well as our relationship to the ethical space between the two.'

---Cornelius Heesters, Open City

“Flynn seeks to preserve and celebrate her sense of place and voice within our natural world while coded messages stored in time and memory, are inherent in each work.

Her structures are at once physical, (the hand of the artist is always present), and deeply personal.  The intimate work of this artist, which easily combines the mundane with the more heroic aspects of art-making, conveys the simple yet elusive purpose of expression: the artist as keen observer, and the ability to create meditative, thought provoking and challenging works of art.”
-- Paul Evans

Vivian's artwork has been shown in solo and group shows within museums and galleries. 
Her work has been collected nationally and internationally. She received a National Endowment for the Arts Grant in 1980 through F.A.R., Foundation for the Arts Resources for the permanent public land work in Elysian Park entitled, "A Natural Extension",  a living grove of Trees defining the shadow of the SST Concorde adjacent to Dodger Stadium.  It was subsequently shown at the Newport Harbor and Santa Barbara Museum's California's State of The Landscape 1882-1981.  Since graduating from Chouinard Art Institute, in 1970 she has been an exhibiting artist, designer and teacher.


                                3765 Legion Lane   Los Angeles,  California  90039
                       HYPERLINK "mailto:Flynn@sbcglobal.net" vivianflynn@sbcglobal.net         

B O R N : Santa Monica, California


1966-70 BFA Chouinard Art Institute Los Angeles CA
1972-73 Rhode Island School of Design ~ Independent Studies -Photo Dept Providence,RI
1975-76 Otis Art Institute ~ Graduate Studies Painting Los Angeles

S E L E C T E D   E X H I B I T I O N S  A N D   P E R F O R M A N C E S
2012-  Space Shuttle Endeavor Shadow, Permamnent Live Oak Grove    
             Installation Elysian Park LA, CA  Ground breaking TBA
2010 “ 39 Now”  Group exhibit  DEN  Gallery West Hollywood California
2009   Forms of Abstraction Atwater Village Temporary Group Painting show
2007  Standard Bank Gallery “Lacing Arms”  Los Angeles CA
2005  Chouinard Gallery “Urgency of Being” Solo Painting Show S.Pasadena,  CA
2004  Los Angeles County Museum Group Show Los Angeles, CA
2002  Mindport Gallery Group Painting Show Bellingham, WA
2001  Oceanside Museum of Art “Chouinard, A Living Legacy”
          Group painting, sculpture survey Art in LA- 1955-70   Oceanside, CA
2000  Blind Crossings Solo Show “Silver Sanctuaries” Silverlake Gallery Silverlake, CA
1997  Forms of Abstraction Deanna Miller Gallery Venice, CA
1996  Portraits of Courage Deanna Miller Gallery
1995 “Twelve Contemporaries” Gallery IV Group Painting Show Los Angeles, CA
1995 “Steps on the Court”Gallery Group Show Los Angeles, CA
1994 “Shiros Gallery & Restaurant “Perfect Invisible Hinge” S. Pasadena, CA

1992 Love and Lace Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits Group Exhibit Los      
          Angeles, CA
1991System M Gallery “Seeing Spots” Solo Installation & Painting show Long     
           Beach, CA
1985 White Columns Gallery New York Group Installation “Phantom Bounce” New York, NY
1986 Franklin Furnace Gallery “Seeing What the Send” Group Performance New  
          York, NY
1980 Newport Harbor Museum “State of the Lanscape” 1880-1980 Part 1
          ‘A Natural Extension’ plan Drawings & Photographs Newport, CA
1979 Elysian Park’s Bishop Canyon “Natural Extension” Permanent Landscape
         Installation Los Angeles, CA
1976 Van Nuys Airport Lear-Jet NAJ- a shadow capture performance ACT 11 Van Nuys, CA
1975 Van Nuys Airport ACT I Cessna Twin Seater shadow Capture
1974 Bristol Art Museum group Painting Invitational Bristol R.I
1973 Fall River Artist’s Association,  Group Painting Show Fall River, Mass
1973 Haffenreffer Museum,  Siberian “Whale Hunting Rituals”
         Photographic documentation of fetish objects. Bristol, R.I

                              3765 Legion Lane • Los Angeles, CA 90039
                                 vivianflynn@sbcglobal.net 323-663-3417

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T E A C H I N G  E X P E R I E N C E
2012-14    On site LA River locatrion exploration in multi media painting & sculpture
2007-13    Atwater Village Art Center  Co-founder, Teacher , Adult,Teens Programs

2004-06    Chouinard Foundation School, Director of Childrens Programs
2003-04    Western Washington University  Color & Design  &  Art Education Courses-     
                   Primary & Secondary levels--Bellingham,Wa.
1993         San Gabriel Highschool--10th-12th All Art Courses-Alhambra, California
1985-83    Westridge Highschool Prep  10th -12th Drawing-- Painting--Art History
                   Pasadena, California
1972         Newport Highschool  --Art courses--Newport, Rhode Island
1971         The New School Elementary art Teacher 1-8--Newport, Rhode Island
1970         St. Odeila’s Elementary School 3rd grade --all subjects-Los Angeles,         

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1999 -97               
A&E Biographies-Weller Grossman Productions-Hard Copy-Paramount- Hollywood, Calif.--General Hospital--ABC Hollywood Calif.--Sunset Beach-NBC.Burbank, Calif.--- Unsolved Mysteries, Burbank, Calif.--It’s A Miracle-Richard Thomas-Hollywood, Calif. Unsolved Mysteries-Keely Smith-Robert Stack, Burbank, Calif.--Mission Impossible- Interviews-Martin Landeau-Peter Graves--Startrek Interviews-- Mrs. gene Rodenberry.
 Vogue & Harpers Bazaar print lay-outs for “Georgio” of Beverly Hills
T.  V.   GUIDE "INSIDER INTERVIEWS" / Media Savvy Productions, Toluca Lake, California /James MCDaniels, Swooze Kurtz, Chris Issacs, Michael York, Rue MCclanhan. Cloris Leachman, Garrett Morris,Josie Davis, Geena Davis,Michael Richards,Colin Macree Billy Meyers, Elizabeth Berkley. Tom Cavenaugh, Golden Brooks & Jill Jones

"IT'S A MIRACLE"- featuring Richard Thomas and Guests/ TRI-CROWN & Clear Lake Productions/Burbank. Ca.PAX Channel
ABC- SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH Steve Allen / Burbank, California
ABC- Coverage of L.A. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION  with Peter Jennings,
Vice Presidential candidate, "Joe Lieberman Interviews" Staples Center/ Los Angeles, California
“SMART SOLUTIONS” with Matty Monfort & Guests-WellerGrossmanProductions
Media City, Burbank, California

"WOLFGANG PUCK SPECIAL" -  Food Network series--"In search of the Apostles" and - Documentary on the History Channel--"Saint Paul” Documentary Biography on the History Channel, Weller Grossman Productions-Sherman Oaks, California

Textile Designer and product Developer--Hallie St Mary-- North Hollywood,       
                California--Holt Manufacturing--Speedo--Paper Moon--Perry Ellis


1969          Germany--France--Austria---Holland
1970         18 months -- travel and study          
2007          Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga travel & Research
2001-04     Northwestern Washington and Canada
                  Teaching and Research: Inuit Tribes and other Northwestern Tribal Traditions